Harmony 2018 August 17- October17



Harmony: a cheerful arrangement of colours and patterns

This work is an exploration of layers and patterns. Each piece is hand painted, and the application involves a complex process. Forms were made to act as a blank canvas to “paint” on the glazes. After the forms were decided, many different glazing applications were explored before the successful end results could be produced. This experimentation with glaze reactions was necessary in order to create patterns that are stable enough to predict the outcome each firing. The colour palette I have selected reflects the colourful memories I have of my childhood.

This show will be display at Dust Evans Gallery in the Shenkman Centre in Orleans,  245 Centrum Blvd. (Near Place Orleans)  August 17 to October 17 2018

For more information please visit


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Pottery sale this weekend. 😀

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Great Bowls of Fire

I have donated bowls to the foodbank for an event called Great Bowls of Fire. There are still tickets left. You can purchase. More information on the poster below. 

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What does a fox …Say!

Little fox bowls and mugs.

 Foxes were everywhere in Prince Edward Island. I wanted to make a  design of a fox in my style of stamps. 

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Back from winter break. 

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.

Recently I have thrown almost 30 mugs in one night. A little rusty but it feels great to be back on the wheel. 

I have created a new stamp of a fox. (Pictures to come soon) Going to test some out. Also making some turtle mugs. Below. 

I am getting ready to refill my stock of pots, twisted steins, Bartel mugs, bowls and more. 

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Making more decorations.

Had a great two shows and sold many of my decorations.i have been making more. Two more shows to come.

Come and join me at the gloucester pottery school this weekend 10-4 pm Saturday and Sunday. 245 centrum Blvd.

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Busy Potter.

With three shows in November I have been busy making pots. Twisted steins, twisted cups, butter dish, Bunny cups, fish cups, and much more.

Twisted steins, bunny cups and butter dish.

Fish mug, coasters and salt & pepper holders.

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